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Recent Synch
Vodafone Spain Virgin Money
The classic David Bowie song "Absolute Beginners" is being used by Vodafone Spain for their long term advert campaign. Click on the logo above to watch the video! Virgin Money used our evergreen ska song "On My Radio" by The Selecter for their hilarious dancing pigeon advert. The song was written by longtime Fairwood writer Neol Davies.
Heineken Denby Pottery
We have agreed the use of the legendary Bowie song "Heroes" with global giants Heineken. The film features 3 times F1 World Champion Jackie Stewart. The Art of Entertaining: Denby Pottery use our highly synchable track "Big Chief" for this 2017 'Teacup Uses' advert campaign!
Kinder Chocolate Carnival Cruises
Kinder Egg featured our evergreen song "Big Chief" by Professor Longhair for this Kinder Chocolate advert. Following its highly successful synch with British retailer John Lewis, The Selecter's hit song "On My Radio" features in this great Carnival Cruises commercial.
Stuart Weitzman Volkswagen Nouvelle Polo
We had our classic rock track "Flash & Crash" (as also featured in HBO's The Sopranos) by Rocky & The Riddlers syched with this great Stuart Weitzman advert spot. David Bowie and Queen's unforgettable song "Under Pressure" features in this VW Polo advert.
















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